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Common Core State Standards

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Common Core State Standards

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Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed through a state-led initiative to establish consistent and clear education standards for English language arts and mathematics that would better ...more


Support the Arts

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FERPA-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The California Department of Education (“CDE”) is currently engaged in litigation with two non-profit associations comprised of parents and guardians of children with disabilities.  The plaintiffs in that litigation have requested numerous documents, as well as student data collected and stored by CDE, which may include personally identifiable student information. 


To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), CDE has been ordered, among other things, to inform parents and students of the disclosure of such information.  CDE has requested that school districts and SELPAs post the following link to CDE’s website: The link provides a Notice and Objection form to allow parents to object, by April 1, 2016, to the disclosure of personally identifiable information related to their children. Or the Notice and Objection form can be directly accessed HERE.


Please understand that the district is not a party to the litigation and is not required to disclose any student information, nor does it intend to do so.  For more information, please contact CDE directly at (916) 319-0800. For more information on this case please watch the following TV NEWS STORY and /or read the following ARTICLE.

We Need Your Help!

Cayucos Education Foundation

P.O. Box 566 Cayucos, CA 93430


Did you know that the Cayucos Educational Foundation provides over 1/3 of the funding for the arts at Cayucos Elementary School? Your financial support of the foundation directly provides for the students of our community.  Consider making a tax deductible donation to the Cayucos Educational Foundation today.  Please contact Anne Hubbard for additional information.

More information about the Cayucos Education Foundation can be found in this link.

Residency Requirement

Board of Education policy requires the annual establishment of Cayucos residency to attend Cayucos Elementary School District. “The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall annually verify the student’s residency and retain a copy of the document or written statement offered as verification in the student’s mandatory permanent record. (5 CCR 432).” This verification will take place annually.  In order to comply with this policy we are requiring all families to submit one of the following as residency verification: waste disposal bill, telephone bill, water bill, gas bill, cable/TV bill, PG&E bill and one of the following for residence verification: rental contract, property tax statement or a verification of shared residence (letter).  Verification of residency will be required annually at registration time.

Families that do not maintain Cayucos residency must request an Interdistrict Transfer which will be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees in order to be considered for enrollment at Cayucos Elementary.

District Data

Information on the district's STAR results may be accessed at the California Department of Education web link. Information on the district’s Annual Progress Reporting detailing the base Academic Performance Index is available at the California Department of Education web link. Information on the district's annual Adequate Yearly Progress is available at the California Department of Education web link . Information on the district's financial profile is available at the Educational Data Website . Additional information is available in the school office. 

Support Cayucos Elementary

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District Contacts

Ms. Anne Hubbard, Superintendent/Principal

Ms. Liz Villalobos, ASP Director & Assistant Principal

Ms. Hannah Held, Confidential Administrative Assistant

Ms. Melanie Gorda, Account Tech III

Local Control Funding Formula

The 2013–14 budget package replaces the previous K–12 finance system with a new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). For school districts and charter schools, the LCFF creates base, supplemental, and concentration grants in place of most previously existing K–12 funding streams, including revenue limits and most state categorical programs. For county offices of education (COEs), the LCFF creates separate funding streams for oversight activities and instructional programs.

The 2013–14 Budget Act provides $2.1 billion for school districts and charter schools and $32 million for COEs to support the first-year implementation of the LCFF. Until full implementation, however, local educational agencies (LEAs) will receive roughly the same amount of funding they received in 2012–13 plus an additional amount each year to bridge the gap between current funding levels and the new LCFF target levels. The budget projects the time frame for full implementation of the LCFF to be eight years.


We are pleased to once again report that all grade levels indicated positive growth as measured by the Standardized Testing and Reporting System (STAR). This test is an important part of the (STAR) ...more

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